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Are you looking to supercharge your creative workflow and minimize the unwanted stress of hundreds of daily tasks?

Unlock the Power of Prooflo

Prooflo is an incredibly user-friendly client review tool. It provides a simplified client workflow for creative freelancers and agencies.

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Time Tracker

A new unique time-tracking system that is easy and intuitive. Prooflo makes time tracking simple.


Prooflo Teams allows you to grow as your agency grows. Build a team that lasts.


Manage time-sensitive projects visually—an excellent tool for managing your team and time effectively.


Prooflo’s intuitive workflow will organize your clients as your company grows and clients expand.


Create a project, track your time and send an invoice. It’s that easy.


Never wonder where that missing file is again with Prooflo’s innovative workflow Drive.

Project Categories

Let your client submit a project from your project categories, speeding up the creative process.

Task Manager

Track every task quickly and never get stressed or frustrated about where your time is going again.

Simplify your client Review with creative work.


You’ve never managed creative work like this before. Prooflo is one of the most simplified creative workflows in the world. Prooflo is more than just a proofer. It’s an entirely new innovative workflow management platform that replaces the standard way of client review with a vastly superior proofing workflow. It can be enjoyed by creative freelance professionals and agencies, giving you the power to manage complex projects simultaneously with surprising ease and efficiency.

Enjoy mobile flexibility with quick client reviews!

Having remote access to your client’s reviewed projects allows you to plan, execute and deliver on your daily task and goals. It’s that simple. Send, approve, and deliver.


Project Categories

save time

With Prooflo, every project is customizable, with a creative brief attached. You have complete control over creating any project category, type, dimensions, price, and even connected templates to the creative project brief, allowing the freelancer easy access when designing. So why create a new project every time? Instead, make it once and let your clients complete it step by step and submit it to you.

Unlock the Power of Prooflo

If you want to join a revolution in the creative industry, Join our Launch List!

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Eliminate the stress of creative project management and let your mind focus on creativity.